San Francisco Area Real Estate Matchmaker Services to your Dream Home

A Whole New Model for Finding the Home of Your Dreams

Whether you have been on the house hunting trail for a while, or you’re just starting your search, you probably have a detailed picture of your ideal home in mind, complete with a personal checklist of “must haves” that you’re not willing to live without.

You also may be feeling increasingly disillusioned with your home search, because the home listings that land in your inbox week after week, have almost everything that you want, except for one or two key features that you’re simply not willing to sacrifice.

On occasion, you may schedule tours of homes that catch your attention, to see if just maybe you could make one of them work for you. After all, the homes on your short list are always in the perfect neighborhoods, on awesome lots, with top rated schools and easy commutes for both you and your spouse.

Be that as it may, every home that you see always has something missing, landing you back at square one, since you’re not willing to settle for anything less than the home of your dreams. If you have been going through the scenario I just described, you’re not alone. What’s frightening is that after tuning into the messages from your Realtor that the home of your dreams is just around the next corner, which you can never seem to find, you may eventually convince yourself that you just have to settle for a home that is less than what you truly desire.

If you fall prey to this line of thinking and buy a home that doesn’t measure up to your dreams, you may be left with the feeling of a late night hook up after too many drinks, where you’re beating yourself up the morning, wondering “what was I thinking”? I am a genuine real estate matchmaker who takes your deepest needs and desires in a home to heart. I provide a whole new model for finding the home of your dreams.

I can open your eyes to the many possibilities for finally realizing that the home of your dreams may be closer than you think, even right in front you. There are many factors in a home that are not set in stone that you can change over time, that can turn a not so perfect home into the home of your dreams.

These homes have the structural foundation that is required for transformation into the home of your dreams, but this may not be clear to you at first sight, when touring these homes. My experience in real estate sales, architectural design and general contracting can provide you with a unique perspective on how various homes on your short list can be restructured to suit your needs and desires.

Even though there’s fierce competition for the current inventory of available homes in the San Francisco real estate market, I can still help you find a diamond in the rough at a fair price, that can later be turned into the home of your dreams with a little guidance from a true real estate matchmaker. If you are ready to end your struggle of finding a dream home that you can fully commit to, drop me a line so we can discuss your vision and a plan for the perfect home that goes beyond your wildest dreams.