An Adventure in Upscale Interior Design

An Adventure in Upscale Interior Design: How to Makeover Your SF Bay Area Apartment In A Weekend!

A makeover of the main living space in your apartment can be easily accomplished in a weekend, as I recently helped one of my clients do. Our budget was around $3,000, which is close to a month’s rent in the area where my client lives.

We created an ultra upscale look for the money spent and used materials that can be easily removed whenever my client decides to move out to another rental apartment or transition to owning a home of his own

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Our decorating project took the best feature in the room, a wood & tile trimmed fireplace, and really made it stand out, by using a high quality strip-able wall paper that features a striking design from Graham and Brown.

My client is pleased with the fact that the wallpaper not only makes a bold statement, but also serves the purpose of distracting the eye away from the mirrored wall.


An Adventure in Upscale Interior Design


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