Homeowner Reasons to Tell Your Landlord “So Long”

You can make a wise investment in yourself

For a homeowner it’s a wise investment to put the time and money towards improving a house. Unfortunately, the situation is not that advantageous for renters, and so most renters don’t want to invest in someone else’s property. Even if you want to put money towards fixing a house that belongs to someone else, you might not have the option. Landlords maintain control of the property, so if the landlord forbids changes, the renter is stuck. Here are some of the top reasons to forego your landlord and take control of your housing once and for all.

You can’t make the house more energy efficient

Paying the electric bill can be a headache. Keeping a house at the right temperature and keeping your family’s electronics running can be quite costly. There are home improvements that can make a house more energy efficient. This is better for the environment and for your wallet.

For renters, making the eco-friendly changes are entirely up to the landlord. Most landlords aren’t going to concern themselves with improving your electric intake. Even if the changes will lower costs for you in the long run, landlords may not want to spend the initial money and time that making such improvements would take. With no freedom to improve where you live can be frustrating and feeling you live very compromised..

You cannot customize home to your liking

For landlords, a house is just part of the job. As long as the rent is paid, they are satisfied. They aren’t likely to make their jobs more difficult, so if you want to paint your walls or put in a shelving unit, most landlords are not going to let you. You want to make your home special, but your landlord is unlikely to be worried about that.

There are so many ways to make your home just right. New technologies are constantly being developed, so every year brings additional opportunities to personalize your home. New parents can incorporate video monitoring to watch over their babies. These amazing features can make life safer and easier, but it is doubtful that a landlord would approve.

You don’t get many tax deductions

Another thing that renters miss out on are tax deductions. Homeowners benefit from all sorts of tax deductions. Mortgage interest payments are deductible. Even the home improvements mentioned earlier, like improving energy efficiency might be tax deductible. Renters don’t have the luxury of benefiting from tax deductions for home efficiency projects.