Is ‘your’ agent really working for you?

You wouldn’t — for a lot of good reasons — go into a contested divorce proceeding without an attorney, or worse, take the advice of your spouse’s attorney.

Why, then, would you buy a home — an adversarial process regardless of how friendly everyone involved in the transaction seems — without someone on your side?

Oh, you think home buyers have always had representation? Well, think again.

As a buyer, you are not represented unless you’ve told the real estate agent who is showing you homes that you want that agent to represent you as your “buyer agent.” If you haven’t, “your agent” could be representing the seller.

Recently, more home buyers have been asking, “Who represents whom?” As a result, many are opting to be represented by a buyer’s agent to take them through the process, from house hunting to closing. The greatest thing about this is it doesn’t cost the buyer anything and often saves them thousands.

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