Joe B.

Gary is a true professional.  He repeatedly demonstrated a deep understanding of the buyer/agent relationship and a commitment to making sure home buying was a positive experience for me.

Two years ago, I had a dissatisfying experience with several offers I had made coming off the rails due to shenanigans.  Fast forward to three months ago – I decided to re-enter the home buying market to see how far I could get without an agent of my own.  As a first time buyer, didn’t get far – right up to the point where it was time to make an offer.

I had two other coworkers enthusiastically recommend that I speak to Gary, whom they had worked with recently.   I’m very glad I took their advice.  Gary brought a lot to the table, and my time looking alone stood in stark contrast to the viewing experience with Gary on my team.

Gary is unique in that he combines the expertise of a real estate agent with that of a general contractor – yet despite his long resume, he was extremely patient with my endless first-timer questions and hypothetical scenarios.  He was very easy to communicate with and always available to talk through new listings.  He contributed no pressure to the bidding process whatsoever, and didn’t appear the least bit phased by seeing an offer fall through, despite the lost time he had invested.  He has a vast network of contacts who are all top-notch in their own right.  Most importantly, he is an excellent listener, which is probably what makes him so effective.

Gary is also an all around fun guy who really understands the city.  I really enjoyed our Sunday viewing tours and hope our paths cross again in the future.

Joe B.