1 Ecker Place, Financial District

1 Ecker is a loft convestion which has a historic perspective. In the early 1900s, 1 Ecker was an ice-house; however, currently it is home to 51 contemporary residences in the financial district of San Francisco. The floor plans of 1 Ecker include lofts, junior-1, 1-and-2-bedroom homes which are set against an interior courtyard garden which is immaculately landscaped, a spectacular rooftop lounge, and expansive windows which provide a dynamic outlook on city-life. With its distance to clubs, SFMOMA, the ferry building and the restaurants, the building surely offers a unique opportunity to a selected group of buyers.

 The 4-story building was built on the former site of pacific Power Company by William H. Crocker in 1906, immediately after the great San-Francisco Earthquake. Crocker was a son of one of the “Big-Four” in charge of the construction of the inter-continental railroad. He and his bank were main forces in the city’s reconstruction. Originally, 1 Ecker was constructed in a neighborhood which was created for the luxury life-styles of wealthy people of San Francisco and was also dominated by printers, publishers and apparel manufacturers of that time. Of late, the neighborhood has become a home to many high tech companies such as CNET, Twitter and Yelp and fashionable restaurants, galleries and clubs add excitement and glamour to the location.

 The amenities of 1 Ecker include a calm rooftop lounge with grill & plenty of sitting-room for entertainment. The interior courtyard presents an elegant visual background which features vibrant and exotic foliage. The building’s “Home-Owners-Association” is responsible for maintaining the common areas.


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  • Address: 1 Ecker Street 
  • Neighborhood: Soma 
  • Phone Number: 415-813-5083 
  • Availability: Re-sales 
  • Parking: No 
  • Number of Units: 51 
  • Number of Floors:
  • Year Built: 2,009