Clocktower Lofts, SOMA

Clocktower Lofts, SOMA

Clocktower Lofts is an award winning loft conversion within the historic South Beach building.  It is within walking distance of the highlights of downtown San Francisco, AT&T Park, and the waterfront. The striking clocktower has a commanding presence, originally intended to give the impression the building is like its own “district” instead of merely an apartment complex. To go with this theme, each loft is unique in its own way; no two are

completely alike.  The main features of all include arched windows, cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors, and concrete or timber columns. The units are designed to create a comfortable living and work space for residents who are as unique as their homes.
Clocktower Lofts feature three landscaped courtyards that function as a common area for residents and allow access to the units inside.  There is also a shared roof deck with panoramic views of the city. These common areas are decorated with custom stairs, colored concrete fountains, individual entry lighting, and more.

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95 out of 100 — Walker’s Paradise

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  • Address: 461 2nd Street 
  • Neighborhood: Soma 
  • Phone Number: 415-813-5083 
  • Availability: Re-sales 
  • Parking: No 
  • Number of Units: 127 
  • Number of Floors: 15 
  • Year Built: 1,992