The Montgomery, Financial District

The Montgomery, Financial District

The Montgomery is a treasured city landmark with a stunning classic façade. It is situated next to the Palace Hotel in the heart of downtown San Francisco, within walking distance of public transportation and quality entertainment. The condominiums within this unique building have been renovated to reflect the luxury of contemporary living, while still keeping the timeless character of The Montgomery. The residences include soaring ceilings, expansive double-hung windows, and modern finishes. The attractive amenities for residents at The Montgomery are a private roof deck and resident parking. 24 hour controlled access to the building and an inviting lobby attendant are also provided to ensure safety and comfort.




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  • Address: 74 New Montgomery Street 
  • Neighborhood: Soma 
  • Phone Number: 415-813-5083 
  • Availability: Re-sales 
  • Parking: No 
  • Number of Units: 107 
  • Number of Floors:
  • Year Built: 2,005