Great Renovation Project in Noe Valley/Dolores Park

21st Street, Noe V alley
Current Use: Single Family
List Price:                                                             $1,650,000
Estimated Improvements:                               $600,000
Estimated Value after Improvements:  $2,500,000
Value Created:                                                    $250,000

Value Proposition:

This is a funny place because it is a classic house placed on a prominent corner lot with a very mid-century addition tacked on. The neighborhood can support homes with values up to $3 million. The Liberty Hill area is one of the best in the city. By renovating this home it will appeal to a wide variety of homebuyers.

Creating Value:

I think it would be very nice to make the mid-century addition look like a separate house.  A completely sleek, modern home, with metal facia wrap and modern style windows on the upper floor and a nanawall (folding patio doors that open up an entire wall) on the bottom floor that open on to a walled garden.  Then I’d put smooth crisp white stucco on the body of the addition, replace the garden wall with sandblasted glass, and match the garage door to the wall.  You could build the walls around the balcony (on top of the garage) higher and out of sandblasted glass for privacy.  The original house could be painted dark to contrast.

The mid-century addition has a horrible floor plan and needs to be gutted.  The bottom floor becomes a huge kitchen/family room opening to the garden and the top floor is a huge master suite with a balcony which does have a city view.  The floor plan of the original house does not need changing much, just bathrooms moved around and a huge skylight over the stairwell.  In all the house would be 3000 sq feet, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, a 2 car garage, a south-facing garden with a terrace on top of the garage and a balcony off the master bedroom.  It would really be a great house and, unless I’m completely mistaken, there would be nothing else like it in that part of the city