Open House Reviews for June 5, 2011

Noe Valley

1470 Noe at Duncan,  $1,849,000

This house has sold 3 times since ’05 and the sales price has been around $1,850,000 each time.  This seller added a Modern Shed in the garden.  Those of you who are familiar with the Modern Shed know that this is not your ordinary shed (  This one is an office/studio, finished inside, quite stylishly and has a fantastic view deck.  The house is in great condition.  It features a reverse floor plan (the public rooms are on the top floor).  The top floor is open and provides a living space for the way most of us want to live.  The master is a nice room with an en-suite bath.  The two additional bedrooms are a bit dark but ample size.


I would recommend taking a look at this one if you’re in the market for a modern 3 bedroom or, if you just want to check out the Modern Shed!


Duboce Triangle

146A Noe at Henry,  $799,000


This T.I.C. unit is very nice.  It is traditional Victorian styled with a very grand feeling.  The unit features very good quality moldings and original features.  The Master bedroom is also quite grand.  The kitchen and bath have been updated and there is one car parking and a very nice shared back garden.  The only issue to be aware of is that once the building converts to condominiums it would not qualify for financing from the major lenders (under the current criteria).  The building contains a commercial space on the ground floor and it is more than 20% of the building.  The listing agent states that First Republic Bank will make a mortgage once converted.  This might impact value in the future, it’s hard to say what the loan criteria will be when it converts. But, purchased at the right price now will help offset the risk.


Russian Hill

2701 Larkin,  starting at $1,495,000


This 13 unit building has been converted to T.I.C. ownership and the developer did a wonderful job on the renovations.  The entire building sold a few years back for $5.5 million.  The listing agent states that there has been substantial upgrades to the foundation and other systems.  It is perched on the side of steep hill so I’m glad to hear they anchored it to the hill with foundation improvements.


As for the individual units, they are all beautiful.  The finishes are high-end, the views from some of the units are nothing less than fabulous.  The common areas are grand and also finished to a high level.  Don’t hold you breath about condo conversion, this building will most likely always be T.I.C. units.  While you’re there don’t forget to check out the penthouse.


815 Union at Taylor,  $785,000


This unit is well priced and should sell quickly.  The kitchen and bath have been remodeled and are very nice.  The rooms are large and have much of the original Edwardian detail intact.  There is no outdoor space but it’s so close to North Beach I think that makes up for the lack of a deck or garden.  My only objection to this unit (which some of you natural wood lovers will not agree with) is all the trim has been left in the original dark natural state.  I think a can of white paint is in order and will bring a modern, clean feel to the unit.  I strongly recommend that if you like the unit you make an offer.

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