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What makes the Urban Focus Sellers Team different?

Urban Focus is San Francisco’s boutique real estate firm offering quality, individualized service.

We’ve spent over two-decades building long-term relationships because our clients are real people, not just numbers to us. And with more than 30-years combined experience in the real estate, construction and mortgage industries our team brings it all together to sell your property and buy your dream home quickly and efficiently.

Our agents’ diverse backgrounds truly set us apart (and we range in age so we really do understand the needs of our clients.)

Our expertise and industry relationships expose your property to eligible buyers around the world. A favorite among our clients is our professionally produced 3D tours that allow online viewers to explore your property from any angle, anywhere.

To Maximize Your Sales Price The Urban Focus Team Will Show You:

  • The diverse number of homes in your neighborhood
  • Special circumstances, like parks, busy roads or good schools close to you
  • The condition and features of your home that could make it worth more

It really takes an experienced real estate agent these days, with an increase of over 25% in the past year, San Francisco real estate prices have well-exceeded the pre-recession highs.

You may not even realize how much your property has increased in value. We provide comparative and accurate market analyses based on numerous factors, including:

  • Improvements you made to the property
  • Any defects that need to be repaired
  • The size of your home
  • Updated bathrooms and kitchen
  • Other available properties in your area

And so much more….

Let us give you a complimentary analysis now.

Our agents even promote your property directly to specific agents, reach out to qualified local, national and international buyers, and use the latest technology to create the perfect environment to sell your property.

Often, that even means we use innovative and unique opportunities to showcase your property including hosting invitation-only tours of the property and presenting it at industry events.

Remember, in this competitive environment, we work hard for you. Call us now at 415.813.5083 or email us at

How We Work For You: The Property Sales Process

At Urban Focus, we understand the challenges involved in navigating the Bay Area real estate market. We live here too, so we understand first hand what you must be feeling; that’s why we strive to make it painless and stress-free for our clients.

We know your home or neighborhood has unique views, upgrades or special features, so we always offer a complimentary personalized price analysis. That’s the only way to know what your property is really worth. Because of that reality, we know that the most accurate value assessment is when we physically go through your home.

Our experienced team takes into account any need for repairs, any features that could instantly boost the value and all other special circumstances that will impact marketability and value.

We work hard to make selling your home a breeze by:

  • Providing maximum exposure in the market place for your listing
  • Keeping you informed and provide you with a complete marketing plan for selling your home
  • Advising you on improving the presentation and natural features of your home to ensure you get top dollar
  • Negotiating on your behalf using techniques honed from over 30 years of experience
  • Handling all of the paperwork, signing, and delivering by the closing date without fail

On top of all of the above, we provide professional property photos and a cutting edge 3D property tour. We provide all marketing materials and a website just for your property.

In addition, we make sure your property is showing its best in the local MLS and the US and international syndicated property portals.

Our team even invites brokers and agents to tour your home to create that word-of-mouth “buzz” to develop agent-to-agent marketing. This one-to-one outreach is often the most effective way to get your ideal buyers in the door.

Next, we schedule and conduct a twilight tour for select prospects, brokers and agents. As you can see we are always busy making sure we have ongoing activities to keep showing your property to potential buyers and following up on all Internet leads while continuing our agent-to-agent outreach to find your the ideal buyer for your property.