The Castro and surrounding areas

The Casto District is best known as the mecca of Gay culture for San Francisco and possible the world. But the Castro is so much more.  For it’s residents it provides a safe, walk-friendly neighborhood with easy transit to most parts of the city.

In earlier times it was known as Eureka Valley.

It was settled in the late 1880‘s by Irish and German immigrants. The recently completed Market Street Railway linked this new suburb to the rest of the city.  These immigrants built large Victorian homes for their large families.  The neighborhood remained predominantly occupied by these families until the after the Second World War when, just like the rest of America, many of the families fled the city for an easier life in the suburbs. This opened the door for young, mostly gay would-be homeowners to buy these large Victorians.

The property in the Castro have been maintained and the area is safe and clean.  Today families are once again gaining in numbers.  You often see children and hear the sounds of laughter and play at neighborhood schools.
With it’s central location, many amenities and stock of quality homes and condos this is a very popular neighborhood.

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