The Rain is Coming!

Stormy day San Franciscoby Gary Belk

On Sunday evening we had the first windstorm of the season and it reminded me that winter is on the way. The Rain is coming!

I moved this summer and I’ve not been in my current home during high wind. When the wind started I was having dinner with friends.  We all looked at each other and wondered what was going on! I was amazed at the noise.  My house needs new windows (on order) and I discovered the skylights need repairing or replacing.

The gusty wind blew through cracks in my rotted windows and this forced the operable skylight to blow open and then slam shut.  The garage door rattled with each gust and there were some old fiberglass panels in the garden (the garden also still in desperate shape) that rattled and knocked against the house.

Needless to say it was a long night!  I was glad when the wind calmed and I was finally able to sleep.

After having lived for the past 4 years in big buildings; this windstorm reminded me that when you live in a small building or single family home you need to prepare for the rainy season.  Here are a few tips to follow to help you prepare your home:

Take a look at your gutters to make sure that they drain well and don’t cause water to back up. Make sure that there are not a lot of little granules from the roofing or leaves and other debris collecting in there (granules in your gutter are a sign that your roof’s coating needs to be resealed). Make sure that you don’t have any down pipe clogs.

Make sure that dead branches have been cleared from around your house. This will reduce the risk that they will fall during the storm and damage your home or rub against the house or window and keep you awake.

Check Windows, doors and skylights. Wood windows and doors exposed to the elements may need a new coat of waterproof varnish or paint to avoid soaking up water. Skylights need to be well sealed and if operable closed and locked.

Protect Against Wind. Many rainstorms are accompanied by strong winds that can often inflict even greater damage to a home or backyard. To prepare for windy months, secure anything that could potentially fly, slide, fall, tip, or bend from strong winds. Don’t neglect items that are less valuable such as trashcans, as these can often inflict damage on more valuable parts of the home or backyard. Some items like outdoor cushions or furniture may need to be placed in a garage through the season to avoid any damage.